Yearly 3D Modeling Agreement

3D Modeling Services - 3D model generation including surfaces, linework, and alignments    

RATE: $125 per hour

                                                                                                                            Terms of Agreement

3D model generation includes surfaces and supporting files, obtaining and verifying plan information, project correspondence, GPS Work Plans, and file conversions.

If digital data is unable to be obtained for importing asphalt, concrete or curb information, additional time required will be billed at an additional hourly rate for the time it takes to enter necessary information from the plan. Project engineer or project owner must supply AutoCAD files, and physical plan sheet or PDF version of.

A minimum $600 fee will be charged on all jobs to cover set up and administrative overhead.

For any deadline less than 14 days from receiving .PDF and CAD files, an additional $200 surcharge will be added.

3D Site Model Product Guarantee -- The model is based solely on plan information provided by the project engineer or project owner. Any in field visits must be requested by the customer and will be billed by the hour based on Brooks Positioning’s field service rates ($157/hr. + Travel Time $94/hr. + Mileage $3.50/mi). The grade of the model will be at finished grade. Brooks Positioning shall not be liable for damages if determined use of this application are inaccurate, due to either mis-entry of data or calculations within the application itself. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to confirm the grading limits of the project and the elevations in the field match the plan in order to check actual grade as well as to confirm that the information matches all of the engineer's requests. The project engineer or project owner is responsible for obtaining control point information in the field. If control point coordinates are provided prior to 3D model generation these points can be added to the project file. Project owner is responsible for site calibration/localization and verification of accuracy.

Fees and Payment -  The Undersigned, agrees to pay the fees according to the rate listed based on time and materials up to the NOT TO EXCEED AMOUNT and all terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

Scope of Services - Any work requested by the customer that is not included in the scope of work will be billed in addition to the agreed to fee, on an hourly fee basis.

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