John Deere PowerPlan™ Account

PowerPlan™ Account Options

Balance Forward

  • Revolving account similar to a credit card.
  • Greater of either $50 or 20% of statement balance due each month.
  • Payments are applied to the statement balance and interest will accrue on the remaining balance.
  • Monthly activity is listed on the statement but is not invoice specific. 
  • Customers can turn on 3rd level statement detail through MyFinancial

Open Item Billing/ Pay by Invoice

  • Open invoice details listed on each statement
  • Can see individual dealer invoice(s) that show as “due” each month.
  • Payment dollars are directed to specific invoices – designated by the customer
  • Any unpaid invoices will show as “Past Due” and next statement will have accrued interest and late fees
  • Original invoices are maintained at the dealership

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